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New bikes and stations for more active and sustainable mobility

Discover the new bicimad and how to start benefiting from all the advantages it has to offer.


In the new bicimad you can sign up for the service or migrate your user account to MPass, the single account system to use EMT services.


Choose your user type in the bicimad section.


Pass your transport or bicimad ticket across the base or padlock or scan the bike’s QR code on the app.

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Electric bikes


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Download our app to register and start using the service. Discover the novelties we have added to the bicimad service.

Make your journey safe with bicimad

Always use the road and leave the pavement for pedestrians

Do not ride on the pavement or in the bus lane.

Utiliza siempre la calzada y deja la acera para los peatones

Respect all traffic signs

Otherwise, your infringements may also be punishable because the bike is just another vehicle.

Respeta todas las señales de tráfico

Ride in the centre of the lane

Using the centre of the lane will give you enough space to ride safely, away from people opening doors without looking, pedestrians crossing suddenly or cars pulling out of a garage. 

Circula por el centro del carril

Keep a safe distance from other vehicles

The aim is preventing any improvised manoeuvre from affecting you.

Mantén la distancia de seguridad con los demás vehículos

Signal your manoeuvres

To make other vehicles aware of your intentions and avoid possible incidents, signal your turns and movements on the bike, especially manoeuvres that require negotiating with other vehicles, such as a lane change or an emergency stop.

Señaliza tus maniobras

If you are pedalling, do not use headphones

This is punishable and dangerous behaviour, because it prevents you from paying the necessary attention to traffic and to other vehicles.

Si pedaleas, no utilices los auriculares


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Call 900 878 331

From the contact section in the bicimad app.

If you need help you can contact 900 878 331.

Remember that we have made a selection of the most frequently asked questions about our service and you can consult them in FAQs.

You can also make suggestions and complaints about the service by telephone or by filling in the form on the EMT website.